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Stu Thompson

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Northern Lights Fly Fishers has invited ETFC to a presentation by Stu Thompson at Queen Mary Park Community Hall.

I (Barry White) am excited to have you come to our meeting on the 15th at Queen Mary Park Hall, at 7:30 pm. I am looking forward to your fly tying demonstration and seeing your “Slide Presentation”. I am hopeful that your presentation is well received by having a full house. I am hopeful that the Edmonton Trout Club membership accept my invitation to attend as my/our guests. Your knowledge of fly tying and fly fishing in Manitoba is undeniable.

Stu Thompson, author of Tyed and True: 101 Fly Patterns Proven to Catch Fish, will present a tying session and slideshow. This meeting will be held in person at Queen Mary Park Hall (10844 117 St.) and on ZOOM.  Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Patterns to be tied.

DDH Leech

Thread:  Semperfli Nano Silk, 3/0, black; and size A thread, fluorescent orange
Hook:  Daiichi 2151, size 4
Tail:  Marabou, brown
Body:  Darkwater Dubbing, brown
Eyes:  Bead chain, medium, gold

Weedman’s Slider

Thread:  Semperfli Nano Silk, 3/0, black
Hook:  Daiichi 2546, size 2-3/0
Tail:  Krystal Flash, red; and Icelandic sheep, black
Head:  Deer body hair, black
Throat:  Deer body hair, red
Eye:  ¼ in. (6 mm), silver with black pupil


Membership renewal

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It’s time to renew your 2023 membership!!!

April 15 2023 the combination numbers to access Spring Lake will change..

Club dues have not changed.  $45.00 club dues, $45.00 for liability insurance thru AFGA membership total $90.00.Add $10.00 for gate access fee.
$100.00 total for full membership. Please fill out a membership form on our website and send it with payment.

If you are a member of AFGA thru another club then their fee is not charge, except if you are a member of Sherwood Park then the AFGA fee applies.

Please!! No phone calls if you show up at Spring Lake and find the combo has changed and you have not renewed!!

Tight Lines,