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Spring Update

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Well Spring has begun and we are currently experiencing some warmer temperatures. I hope you have been getting out on the ice for some fishing or are busy tying flies and maintaining fishing gear for the upcoming fly fishing season.

I have had a few reports that the fishing at Spring Lake has been fairly slow lately which is typical for mid winter it seems. If you have had some success please let us know about it and if you’re on the lake please try to see that all 4 aerators are operational. 

We have decide to restrict access to the lake by vehicle until the frost comes out of the ground and begins to dry up a little, so we do not cause ruts and damage to the property. We have installed a new lock that will not open with existing keys, for the time being. Once the property dries up we will implement the new combination lock.
for those of you who have not renewed your membership, will need to do so.
Then we will email the new combination lock #.
See you all soon out at the lake.