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Spring Lake Clean Up

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Due to covid -19 restrictions a general work party will not be held this spring but the cleanup is needed.  The following list of items need to be done and we are asking for volunteers to tack on some time at the start or end of a fishing trip or to make a specific trip to get the completed.  Take some tools (rakes, shears, lawnmower, axes/saw) and garbage bags so we ensure the fire safety of the site and clean it up as a good neighbour.  We CAN NOT burn so all trash and bagged material will need to be removed when you leave

Send me an email or phone before you plan on going out and after you return so I can keep the list current.  

At the building site:

  • Pick up branches near the structure and stack on the woodpile near the trees
  • Bag and remove any litter or garbage
  • Rake and bag the leaves in and around the building
  • Clean the outhouse at the back of the building.  Toilet paper should be bagged to keep dry and club will re-imburse the cost 
  • Cut the lawn from building out to posts marking parking area.  It can be mulched

At the lake side:

  • Trim bushes along walk way, bulletin board and boat racks
  • Pickup any garbage; bag and remove
  • Cut grass around boats that are on the racks and bulletin board

If you see other things that need to be done let me know

Thanks for your help 

Ken Bodden.  780-237-8327

For all new members:

  • Please park in designated parking area up by the shelter. 
  • Also please try and load boats on trailers at the launch, one lot over from the dock.
  • We would like to keep the dock area free from ruts.
  • We are also working on filling the existing ruts with crush rock.

Feel free to email or call me with any questions.
Paul Lanteigne or 780.217.1906