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Muir Lake Update

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Here is a Muir Lake Project Update Northern Lights Chapter of TUC has submitted a grant application to ACA to replace the 8 Education Signs at Muir Lake originally erected by FESA in 2002 as part of ETFC’s 50th Anniversary. The project also includes plans to make digital copies of the sign information freely available to any interested individual or organization including Outdoor Ed and Science teachers. ETFC is a Project Partner and is contributing $800 of the original $4000 it had set aside for Muir Lake signage. Anyone interested in providing input to the sign information, especially regarding angling techniques, or otherwise helping with the work is invited to contact Northern Lights at Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club and Phil Rowley Fly Angling are also partners with Northern Lights on this project The project’s objective and activities are:

To increase knowledge of and appreciation for the natural food items available to trout in Alberta’s stocked ponds and of proven angling techniques for imitating the characteristics and behaviour of each food item for greater angling enjoyment and success


  • Create text, diagrams, and photographs describing the appearance, life-cycle, characteristics and behaviour of Chironomids, Damsel and Dragonflies, Leeches, Caddis, Scuds, Small Fish, Backswimmers and Water Boatmen, and Mayflies in conjunction with an aquatic insect taxonomist, an entomologist, a professional biologist, and an educational reading specialist.
  • Document and illustrate fly and spin fishing tactics to imitate the appearance and behaviour of each life form based on literature review and input from experienced fly and spin fishers.
  • Create professionally designed graphics and media for each display to be made freely available to individuals, organizations, and Outdoor Education and Science teachers.
  • Contract construction and installation of the displays to replace similar but damaged and unreadable signage at Muir Lake Education Centre.