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March 2020 FlyCaster

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It’s time to renew your ETFC membership!

If you haven’t already done so please take a moment to renew your ETFC membership for 2020. ETFC 2020 CLUB MEMBERSHIP DEADLINE IS MARCH 31st.


Mail to:
Norm Selman
#420, 2420 108 St. NW
Edmonton, AB
T6J 7J3

If you have an AFGA paid membership through another club then print the name of your club affiliation on the ETFC form and remit only $45. Go to our web site and follow the links. Down load the updated form, fill it out and mail it to above address.

For more information please contact the membership committee.

Norm Selman – 780-462-7850 –

2020 Club Memberships & Gate access

At our last club meeting it was announced that we are making a change to the membership process in 2020. With our annual review of outstanding gate access keys we are making a change for this year. In the past we have reissued new keys with a new lock about every 5 years. A fob system was explored and is not currently viable so this year we are changing to the use of a combination lock. With this change the key deposits will not be required and we will change to an annual property access and maintenance fee of $10 starting in 2021.

Another notice will be sent when we have completed this change, with the combination forwarded to paid club members. If you had a membership and gate key in 2019 and do not plan on renewing please reach out to our membership coordinator on returning your key and getting your deposit returned. For new memberships and for contact details please go to our website at

2020 Wabamun Kids Can Catch

We supported another successful Kids Can Catch event in February. A thank you to club members who helped make this event a success to introduce people to the activity we love, Fishing! Mark your calendars for next year. The event is scheduled for February 13, 2021.

On behalf of the Alberta Conservation Association and myself, I want to extend a sincere thanks to you, your organizations and volunteers for making it possible for 1,065 adults and children to get outdoors and try fishing at Wabamun Lake Kids Can Catch on February 15. We had 85 volunteers and staff give their time to make this event that success that it is. Event Coordinator, ACA | Sherwood Park


If you keep a boat at the dock area at Spring Lake please ask for a boat sticker when you renew your membership. Even if you don’t leave your boat at the lake you can still request a sticker. They are totally free and serve a few different functions. Each is individually numbered so the club can reference which member belongs to which sticker and thus, which boat.

The stickers will allow us to identify which of the boats in the dock area are owned by current members. There are a number of boats which have not been used in a number of years and they only add to the clutter in that area.

Also it will be helpful in identifying non-members who are using club facilities.

Furthermore, it adds another level of security to your boat since each sticker is unique and if there are any problems at the lake with the boats we can contact the owners easily.

Please place the sticker on the side of the boat below the gunwales so it is visible on or off the water.

If you have a boat stored at the lake and it has not been used for some time please consider moving it or selling it so we can reduce the amount of items on site.