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Club Clean-up Day at Spring Lake

A reminder that Saturday May 28th is the Club Clean-up Day at Spring Lake.  Looks like we have lucked out with the weather – the latest forecast says Saturday will be bright and sunny (17 degrees), and the following 3 days call for more sunshine and temperatures in the 19-21 degree range. Ought to be a very pleasant day to spend out at the lake.

Our annual cleanup is a good chance to both help with property upkeep and to visit/talk and enjoy a day out at the lake.

When I was out working on the walkway May 18th, there were quite a few fish rising on the lake. It does not appear the lake has winter killed, and it may also be that the fish stocking had already been done.

If you have any of the following tools please bring them along.

  • saws/chain saws, pruners, branch trimmers
  • shovels, picks and axes
  • Trucks to haul debris to be burned (Thanks to Peter Mapplebeck for offering his place as a burn site) to help dig out the willows that have taken over around the dock and boat area.
  • General yard tools (e.g.  rakes, cutters, pails, even large plastic garbage containers, plastic garbage bags, a wheelbarrow, etc.)
  • hand tools (tool box, hand saws, hammers, nails, deck screws, etc ), are useful to have around.
  • Ladders
  • Several long extension cords could come in handy
  • Chains for pulling out roots/stumps.
  • Waders

Work Projects for cleanup day.

  • Cut out and trim down some of the tree limbs overhanging the upper part of the BBQ property so we can make room for parking of trailers.
  • Clear out dead wood behind the BBQ.
  • Remove the “weed” tree that is growing at the front of the property in front of the Spruce tree. This tree is steadily expanding and taking over that entire area. We were going to do this in a previous year, but only just cut it back, and it has now grown out even more/bigger. So we need chain saws and heavy duty branch trimmers. Also shovels, etc. to get at the root system. Perhaps some heavy duty chains too, to try to pull roots out with a vehicle.   .
  • The boat dock is a top priority this year is to put together something that can be used to launch boats. We will try to do something quick on a temporary basis tomorrow, while we work on a longer term solution as a top priority over the next weeks/months. There have been lots of discussions on this and there are several ideas being talked about. I expect we will have a good discussion tomorrow at the lake about what we should proceed with.   It has been recommended that we build a set of stairs “down” at the end of the old dock for the time being (want to prevent someone from falling off the end, like kids playing on it). So that is on our list of ToDo’s for tomorrow for someone to tackle. If you have some wood leftovers (like leftover pieces of treated wood 2×4’s, 2×6’s or 2×8’s, or old stringers, bring them along). We don’t plan on taking the old dock out at this point, in case lake levels happen to rise again, and the old dock becomes useful once more.
  • Finish the weeping tile.  If someone has a long level (4′, 6′ or preferably 8′), please bring it along. I could use one to ensure the weeping tile I am putting in along the BBQ shelter walkway is graded properly.    Don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves, water and snacks/drinks.

We expect to have a number of us arriving during the 10am-11am period, and others later. See you there.

-Ron Sohnle