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2011 Fishing Trip to BC

Plan to take a week off (or whatever time you can spare!) to join in on the Club’s 2011 Fishing Trip to BC (the Bridge Lake Road/100 Mile House area). Share some fishing time with other members, learn about the lakes and fishing opportunities in this prime trout (and Kokanee) fishing area, and try to hook into some of the “really big ones”. Lots of lakes to choose from during one of the very best fishing times of the year.

Contact Ron Sohnle (780-469-8614) to advise of your interest in going and/or further information.

Spring BBQ Weekend – June 4th -5th

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The Club’s annual Spring BBQ event is being held on the weekend of June 4th and 5th.  Take your tent or trailer and head out for a relaxing weekend at the Club’s Spring Lake property, or  make a day trip out on Sunday and take in the afternoon BBQ.

The Club will provide attendees with Baked Potatoes and Corn-on-the-
Cob, along with a hot grill to cook your meat. Bring your own choice of meat, liquid refreshments, plates/cups/utensils,  desserts, or other food items. And consider bringing along something to put out on the “contributions” table for sharing – from salads or veggies, to buns or desserts.