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April 3rd, 2012 – Club Meeting presenting the Jordan-Scotty Salmonid Egg Incubator

As part of the Club’s conservation agenda and our ongoing interest in promoting
sustainable and high quality trout (and other) fishing opportunities in Alberta, this meeting will focus on a program being considered by the Club to explore the potential for using the Jordan-Scotty Salmonid Egg Incubator within Alberta.
This device is manufactured in BC (in Sidney on Vancouver Island) by the Scott Plastics folks. It helps enable a much higher rate of egg to fry hatching success than through natural spawning rates (typically above 85% versus 5%-20% by
mother nature). Club member Phil Bentley took a trip out to Sidney this past year to talk with the Scott Plastics folks and investigate the device, and he has brought back a sample for a first hand look. We also have a short video about the device and copies of the Users Guide. Invitations to attend this meeting have gone out to various folks (e.g. from ACA, Alberta Fish and Wildlife, AFGA) to join us to learn about the device and discuss the potential for its use within Alberta. This incubator is being used successfully elsewhere in Canada and around the world, and the Club feels it deserves a serious look for possible use here in Alberta. See Newsletter topic below for further information.