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2021 meetings

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The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club will be using Zoom software for online meetings instead of hosting live meetings for the spring sessions of 2021. A decision will be made at a future date about plans for live meetings in the fall of 2021 and beyond.

Meetings will be held at 7:00 pm (mountain) on the first Tuesday of the month beginning on January 5, 2021. We will have the usual business meeting for the first 30 minutes, followed by a virtual presentation by a guest speaker who will talk to us on a variety of topics of interest to all membership. Please join us on the FIRST Tuesday of the month beginning in January


Meeting ID:

By Phone(587) 328-1099
By ComputerClick this link to start the meeting
Any Zoom clientClick the “Join a meeting button” and enter our MEETING ID and PASSWORD:

Zoom works on a desktop computer or laptop that has a microphone and speakers. Apple phones and iPads, Android phones and tablets. It is best to install the “FREE” Zoom Cloud Meeting App, or software. You don’t need to sign up or even supply email address to join the meetings.


  • Close other Apps that are running on your device
  • For mobile devices, move closer to your Wifi Router
  • Try a different camera or microphone


  • Keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking. The meeting moderator may mute all microphones if there is too much noise.
  • Turn on your Video so others can see you and create the virtual face to face experience.
  • There is a Gallery Button, so you can see everyone in the meeting at the same time, toggle the button to see just the person who is currently speaking.

JANUARY 5th – RUBEN BREITKREUTZ – Manufacturers Representative – FARBANK (Sage/Redington/Rio Products   Topic: What’s new in flyfishing
FEBRUARY 2nd – CRAIG COPELAND – Cold Lake Fish Hatchery   Topic: Update on trout stocking program
MARCH 2th – TODD ZIMMERLING – Alberta Conservation Association – Topic: Update on ACA Programs for 2021 and beyond
MARCH 16th    – MARCEL MACULLO – Fisheries Biologist – Topic: Update on Dolberg, Chain and Salters
APRIL 6th – PHIL ROWLEY –  Topic: “Season Opener”
APRIL 20th  – KENTON NEUFELD – Fisheries Biologist – Rocky Mtn House – Topic: Native Trout Recovery in the ES2


Dec 2020 FlyCaster

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Alberta Fish and Game Affiliation 2021 Update
As 2021 approaches it will be time for you, our valued members to renew your membership with the Edmonton Trout Club.
As you know we are an affiliated club with our parent organization; The Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA).
You will probably see that an increase has been added to your affiliation dues. The nominal increase of $17.00 to now a total affiliation cost of $45.00 per member. (Last year it was $28.00). Your club fees are $45.00 and lake gate key fee of $10.00 now bring the total membership cost to $100.00 annually per member.

There are a few factors that affected this increase and we want to ensure that you are informed on why this had to happen.
Please review the message below “The Perfect Storm, and how it affects the AFGA”, and “AFGA Letter to Clubs and Zones”.    Through that presentation and letter you will see and read that many factors played into the AFGA looking at how they could ensure to move forward during this year of upheaval in 2020. It explains it in point form and why a “Special Resolution” was forwarded for an important vote on October 23rd in which the majority of AFGA clubs voted 87% in favor to support the affiliation increase.
So how does the AFGA affect us here at the Trout Club?
And why do we want to continue being affiliated?
Firstly, we at the Edmonton Trout Club take advantage of the group insurance coverage offered to the club and you the member. This group coverage allows us a substantial cost savings in getting insurance (which we need for our property, executive and individual members).
Secondly, being a part of the largest and oldest conservation organization in the province gives us a voice in our fisheries future and a myriad of issues that affect us as users of the resource. AFGA speaks on our behalf and has for over one hundred years on matters that ensure that we can enjoy all that our great outdoors has to offer. Please see below the “AFGA Recent Accomplishments” to see how hard the organization works on our behalf.
There are also many other benefits such as a magazine subscription, discounts at retailers and other perks that come with belonging to the AFGA. Please see below the “AFGA Benefits” portion of this message.
Lastly our club Edmonton Trout) just received last year a grant of $1000 from the AFGA to help with the infrastructure needs at our lake property and the AFGA Head office has been more than willing to help and set up a library in the office to house our valuable library that we had stored in the basement of the Queen Mary Hall. This alone will be a great cost saving to the club.
To sum up the message, no one like’s an increase, but this one as your executive stated in a recent meeting was a “no brainer’. What we offer through our club facilities and our lake property, plus our involvement with AFGA and its partnership with a group of over 70 clubs throughout Alberta, ensures that we at the Edmonton Trout Club are doing the best for you the member and our club.

We hope you choose to continue being a member, and enjoying all that the Edmonton Trout Club and the AFGA has to offer.

Nov 2020 FlyCaster

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Hope you all had a good summer and were able to enjoy the fishing. The open water fishery is complete and we await the ice fishing season.

This has been a year like no other in memory. The coronavirus and government response to it has made it a very difficult year for many. The canceling of club meetings and events have never happened to the club before.

During the summer, we lost two past members of the club. William (Bill) Lee passed away 19 August and Floyd Berry passed in July.     

The club will introduce Zoom meetings as it appears unlikely that we will be able to meet again anytime soon. The new gate lock appears to have worked well. The new dock at Spring Lake was installed and we have received positive feedback. Thank you to club members for maintaining the property over the summer.

2021 AFGA fee increase. For those members who have not heard, the AFGA has increased their membership fee by $17 bringing this to $45 effective January 1, 2021. Like all affiliated clubs in the province our club executive is currently gathering information so we can determine how we may address this change. 

Ron Storrier