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April 2022 FlyCaster

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ETFC will be holding a raffle this spring !

Draw Date: June 12th, 2022 @ ETFC Property on Spring Lake
$5.00 / Ticket
2000 tickets printed – Must be 18 to Purchase Ticket

Ticket Information – contact Ernest Kitt: 780-945-1668 or
Or Paul Lanteigne 780-217-1906 

For more information see link below.


Thanks to those members who provided feedback on the proposed update of ETFC’s Bylaws that was sent out on March 7th.  Comments were very positive. Suggestions for change focused almost entirely on two parts: the wording of the Club’s Objective (Article 2.1) and the role of Directors on the Club’s executive (Appendix B). Changes to these two sections have been made by the executive as suggested by the feedback along with a few minor wording and punctuation changes elsewhere to help clarify meaning. The revised version of the bylaws, proposed by the executive for member approval at the April 12th general meeting, is attached.
There may possibly be two further changes proposed – one regarding the number of Directors on the Executive and the other to delete the option of proxy voting (bylaw article 6.5.2).  These items are on the agenda for the April 5th Executive meeting and, if there are any proposed changes to them, they will be communicated to members prior to the April 12 vote.
As there are only 30 mins. scheduled for business at the April 12 meeting and a lot to cover, please let us know beforehand of any clarification you would like re any article(s) in the proposed bylaws.


April 12 Meeting

Starting at 7:30 on April 12 there will be a presentation from:

TODD ZIMMERLING – Alberta Conservation Association – Topic: Update on ACA Programs for 2022 and beyond. Should be a very informative presentation.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 818 0931 9444
Passcode: 356526

Message from the ETFC president Deb Anderson

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Your Executive has just completed a review the ETFC Bylaws and Property Rules to make sure they reflected current practices, conditions and requirements.  Most of the bylaws were written almost 70 years ago when the club was first formed, and it was agreed that updating the terminology and some of the content was long overdue. A more concise redraft of the bylaws has now been unanimously approved by the Executive for presentation to and approval by the membership at the April 12 ’22 ETFC General Meeting.  The recommended revision is attached so that there’s at least 30 days for you to review it prior to the vote.

Discussing Bylaws can be a long and not very enjoyable exercise, as the Executive discovered. So, to facilitate discussion at the meeting within the limited time we have, please send any questions, comments or concerns to ETFC Flycaster Editor as soon as possible. All comments received will be listed with additional information or clarification where needed, and sent out in a Newsletter to all members prior to the April 12 meeting. Hopefully this will help any debate on the revised document to be well informed and productive.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Club Objectives updated to include reference to the objective of the Alberta Fish and Game Association of which ETFC is an affiliated member (the AFGA statement of objective is added as an appendix)
  • Club motto deleted from Bylaws but will continue to be used on website, communications etc.
  • Exec required to review the Bylaws and Property Rules annually
  • Use of Club logo requires Exec. approval
  • Membership ceases if annual fees not paid within 60 days from when due (i.e. by March 1st).  Previously ‘within 10 days’.
  • Remove two year limit on President term of office – he or she has to be elected annually
  • All Directors elected annually (previously 3 were for one year and 3 for 2 years)
  • Add provision for voting in online meetings (by show of hands and by secret ballot)
  • Replacements for any vacancies occurring on Exec. require membership approval
  • Clarification of eligibility for honoraria
  • Duties of Exec. Officers moved to an Appendix and any changes made to those duties to be communicated immediately to membership
  • Quorum for voting at general meetings reduced from 20 to 15 to reflect decline in attendance and facilitate business of the Club
  • Option for voting by proxy introduced (this prompted by recent health and other restrictions on attendance in person, but may require debate – a useful summary of the issues can be found at Pros and Cons- Proxy Voting
  • Addition that no individual member of the Club has the right to claim or profit from any proceeds of the Club’s assets, property or activities, and clarification of what happens to the properties should the club disband
  • Eliminate reference to custody and use of the ‘seal of the Club’.
  • An abbreviated, updated version of the Property Usage Rules added as an appendix.



February 2022 FlyCaster

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Firstly, please remember to mark your calendar for 7.00pm Tuesday, March 8th. There will be a short business update followed by our guest speaker for the evening, Kenton Neufeld. Kenton is a Senior Fisheries Biologist with Environment and Parks and a specialist in native trout recovery. This promises to be a very interesting meeting, especially for those who occasionally fish the east slopes.

The title for my talk will be “The unique Lake Trout of Swan Lake Alberta”.
I’ll give a brief update on some fisheries management items from Rocky Mountain House and Spruce Grove (Stephen Spencer will be providing me with a couple slides for the Spruce Grove content) and then I’ll provide an in-depth look at the Lake Trout population in Swan Lake, Alberta. This small Lake Trout population has several very unique features and lives in a lake vastly different from most other Lake Trout populations. I’ll provide some historical information on this population along with the results of some more recent studies we’ve conducted at the lake.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 882 3039 9851
Passcode: 478759

Hopefully we can return to in-person meetings soon. At our last meeting there was a request for information on the new education signs at Muir Lake to which ETFC contributed. If you’d like to see them up close without having to drive out there, you can find all 8 of them at Muir Lake Signs . However, you might like to check out the expanded digital version that includes additional photos and links to some great videos and other information on the natural food that trout find to eat in Alberta’s lakes, as well as angling tips to imitate those life forms at each stage of their lifecycle. Click on What Trout Eat Digital Version.

This past month we held our AGM. The election resulted in some new faces joining the executive, in particular Deb Anderson, our new President. Deb (and her daughter) are both avid fly fishers and tyers and we’re really pleased she took on the job. Ron Storrier, who has filled in for the last two years as President when no one volunteered for the position, is our Vice-President. In addition, the following were elected:

Treasurer: Ray Kelsey
Secretary: Ken Bodden
Director, Membership: Norm Selman
Director, Communications: Paul Lanteigne
Director, Programs: Brian Wiebe
Director, AFGA and ACA rep: Randy Collins
Director, AFGA Zone 4 rep: Gaetan Richard
Director, Chuck Harvey
Director, Steve Miller
Director, Ernest Kitt
Director, Peter Little

The executive is currently in the process of planning a raffle to try to make up for the fact that we haven’t been able to hold our usual fund-raising activities over the past two years. There will be 5 prizes valued in total at about $6,000. More details to come soon.

It was also decided that we should update the Club Bylaws, Property Rules, Website, and Facebook page. Work on that has begun and we hope to bring a new version of each to the membership soon. However, we need and would appreciate your help now with the ETFC Website.

You’ll notice some changes already but please email me with any suggestions for content that you think would be helpful for members and those interested in joining the Club. We need specific help with the ‘Where to Fish’ section of the site. It has very few locations identified, so please send me your suggestions on where to fish for trout (within an hour or two of Edmonton) with the following information including any comments that you think would be helpful for members:
Lake: Location
Additional information