Muir Lake

Muir Lake Project

The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club in conjunction with Trout Unlimited, the Northern Lights Fly Tyers and the Edmonton Old Timers Fishing Club; is marking it’s 50th anniversary by re-establishing a trout fishery at Muir Lake.

On May 14 – 2004 we had our grand opening ceremony to celebrate the  completion of the Education Centre, Walk of Fame and initial site improvements. People are enjoying a high quality fishery where they can learn about the relationship between trout and their food and how the relationship affects angling for trout. They also  get an opportunity to learn about people who have contributed to sports fishing in Alberta.

The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club was very pleased that Former Club President, Tim Doskoch, was awarded the National Recreational Fisheries Award from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 2007 for the Muir Lake Project.

Pictured above is the welcome sign along with (from left to right): Tim Doskoch, the project’s president; Joe Sykes, treasurer and Tak Shimizu, one of the best volunteers ever.

Education Centre

One of the projects most important features is the Education Centre. A collection of kiosks that explain various life forms that are important to trout and trout fishing. It will be a great place to take a friend, child or grandchild who is new to trout fishing; as it will allow them to learn about these life forms and how to angle for trout by imitating them.

Here are a group of volunteers putting the finishing touches on the Education Center. There are 8 kiosks and each shows a type of food that is important to trout at various stages of its life cycle. Understanding the whys and when’s of trout targeting various types of food is important knowledge in angling for trout. It also makes anglers more appreciative of trout habitat and (we hope) more protective of these habitats.

Here is a closer look at one of the kiosks. The left side explains life cycle and important characteristics while the right side describes angling tactics in light of this knowledge.

There are a number of fishermen that catch the odd trout without really understanding why a particular pattern or technique is successful. The Education Center at Muir Lake gives fishermen a better understanding of the relationships between food and  their imitations in order to make fishermen better anglers and have a greater appreciation for the needs of stewardship for the resource.