Spring Lake

The Club owns two properties at Spring Lake:

675 Lakeside Drive is an empty lot with a locked gate through which club members who have obtained gate keys can use.  This access allows drive-through access from the road to the club shelter, pier and boat storage area. Boats are stored at Members’ own risk.

670 Lakeside Drive is open with a grassy area adjacent to the road where members may camp.  From this there are steps leading down to the club’s shelter, swings and washroom.

Members using the property are asked to abide by the Club Property Rules as follows:



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  1. Hi webmaster. I’m thinking the address of the Spring lake should be Lakeside Drive (?) not Lakeshore Drive. Thanks !

  2. Hi. Can you recommend where to start learning fly casting? I have just been reading books, DVDS, and practicing in my back yard. Thanks..

    • As someone who is still in the learning process myself… The best way to figure things out is to go out in the backyard or park with a flyrod and a bit of yarn in place of a hook. Better if you have a more experienced person to help guide you. I am not that more experienced person but I’ll share what I’ve figured out personally.

      1. Bend the elbow, not the wrist. Moving the rod between 10 oclock and 2 oclock.
      2. Count the time on your backswing. Barry White a club member and certified casting instructor suggested in a casting demo to use the phrase “I like red headed lady’s” to give the fly line enough time to “load” the road before beginning a forward cast.
      3. Unless casting with just an indicator lean the rod a little bit sideways while learning. Especially with heavier flies. It reduces the number of times your back swing pause is too long and the fly ends up in the back of your head. If you have a hook on the end, make sure it’s barbless or crimped. They come out of the back of your head easier. And If your kids havn’t already gotten ahold of it. Wear a hat with a wide brim.

      If your more serious about wanting to learn “proper” casting technique I would suggest availing yourselves of the many fly casting / guide opportunities. While I haven’t partaken in any of these services myself I can suggest then based on presentations they have made to the club and the experience of other club members.

      Barry White of Bow River Anglers – http://www.bowriver.com/
      Alberta Stillwaters – http://www.albertastillwaters.com/

      There are others as well but for the life of my I can’t remember enough details to pull up the contact info of the people I’m thinking of. I will forward a copy of your email to Ron and Mark and see if there’s someone who has the time to do some casting mentoring. Hopefully we will see you at the club when regular meetings start up again in October.


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