April 2021 Flycaster

Attention all Trout club members

Call for volunteers:

Our club is 100% run by volunteers and continues through the support of members.  With some board members completing their term we again have the opportunity for anyone interested in joining the team. The time commitment is low with our club executive meeting on average about once a month. You will be able to participate in shaping both operational and governance support with fellow executive members. For your service to our club members you wil recieve an honorarium of having your membership to both the ETFC and the AFGA paid as well as having fun. If you are thinking about this but have questions,  to put your name forward or to recomend someone you feel may be interested please reach out to Ron Storrier at fisher.man@tic.ab.ca

Please mark you calendar for Tuesday, April 6, 7:00pm.  

Edmonton Trout Club’s Zoom Meeting w/ guest Phil Rowley
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Tue., Apr. 6, 2021

Edmonton Trout Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom 

Meeting ID: 927 7141 8013
Passcode: 079830

The gate at spring lake will be locked with a separate key lock to prevent access to the lake until the ground it dried up. Last year there was considerable damage done to the boat launch area from vehicles driving on the soft ground at the launch. Thank you for your understanding..

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