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November Speaker Meeting

Tuesday, Nov 17 – November Speaker Meeting: 7:00pm to 9:00pm Location: Queen Mary Park Hall, 117St & 109Ave

Invited Speaker: Kerri O’Shaughnessy,  Riparian Habitat Specialist, Cows & Fish

Topic:  Alberta Riparian Habitat Management – Stream Banks and Lake Shores

Regular Club Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 20 – ETFC Regular Club Meeting: 7 to 9:00pm

Location: Queen Mary Park Hall, 117St & 109Ave Club
2015/16 Program Year Kickoff Meeting Topics: Club Activities Review since Members Night last May; Exec Report on New Business (e.g. Suspension of AB Aeration Program, Gate Lock/Key Change, Boat Storage Registration); Member Fishing Reports; etc.

ALMS – Alberta Lake Management Society

Our speaker is Bradley Peter, Acting Executive Director of ALMS, the Alberta Lake Management Society. Come out and learn about ALMS and what they do. Brad will describe their programs – in particular, he will talk about their Lake Watch Program, where they partner with volunteers/residents of a Lake.