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Spring Lake update

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Trout Club Members

New and old members please read the following information. All club members are expected to adhere to the following when using the club’s property on Spring Lake. We have been a good member of the Spring Lake community for over 67 years and a number of recent incidents have not shown our members in a good light. We need to ensure our actions do not jeopardize our good relationship with the other residents of the Spring Lake community.


Waterfront access to Spring Lake is limited. The club maintains two properties on the north end of Spring Lake. Vehicle access to the lake is through a locked gate on Water Crescent Road . Members who renew their annual membership are provided with an access code which is not to be shared. Ensure the lock is securely closed by compressing the clamp and spinning the numbers. Do not allow other vehicles access on your entry.

Foot access is available through the property with the shelter and washroom facilities located two properties to the east.

Membership DOES NOT provide you with access to Spring Lake Resort, the only other vehicle accessible launch on the lake.

Dock and Launch area:

Members can drive to the dock and boat storage area to unload gear and boats. Boats should be launched beside the dock. This is the only area owned by the club.

Once equipment has been offloaded ALL vehicles (other than handicap permitted vehicles) MUST park near the shelter where signs indicate.

Boats may be left on the racks but require a boat sticker that will be provided with membership.

Please keep our impact on the areaj to a minimum. Watch where you drive when its muddy. Only use the trail to the dock and from the dock to the shelter. Do not short cut across the common. Take all garbage home with you.


This maintained by club members. If something needs attention contact the executive or fix it.

The toilet facilities are basic and located on the north side of the building at the base of the stairs. Bring your own toilet paper . The porta potty has been removed from the dock area.

There is a BBQ but propane is not provided.

Fires can be lit in the fireplace in the structure but must be small and extinguished when you leave.

There is no water on site.

Community Rules

No open fires .

No camping on our property or other community lands.

Take all garbage home

Enjoy the opportunity to have lake access and leave our property as good or better than you found it.

Not following the rules will risk losing access for all members to the lake and your membership.

Tight Lines

Raffle draw date

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At the request of ETFC, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission has extended the draw date for our multi-prize raffle from June 12th to October 4, 2022, our first scheduled meeting of the Fall.  A number of factors made this necessary including the inability to hold in-person meetings and events at which tickets could be sold, some delay in province-wide advertising, and the lack of a viable system to purchase tickets online. We’re hoping to remedy these as soon as we can.  Because of the draw delay, a refund on any tickets purchased prior to May 25th will be provided upon request – simply contact the person from whom you bought the tickets and identify the ticket numbers.
Meanwhile, just as a reminder, the raffle details are as follows.  

ETFC Raffle

Draw Date: Oct 4, 2022 @ Queen Mary Park Hall (provided there’s not a resurgence of covid!)

$5.00 / Ticket     License # 592730       2000 tickets printed – Must be 18 to Purchase Ticket

Ticket Information – contact Ernest Kitt: 780-945-1668 or  or Paul Lanteigne 780-217-1906 


  • 1st: Cut and Wrapped Pork Package with Freezer valued @ $650
  • 2nd: Custom Made Sage GFL 9′ 6/7wt 2pc Fly Rod valued @ $500
  • 3rd: Fly Box with 150 Handmade Flies valued @ $350.00
  • 4th: Cabela’s Heavy Duty Cooler valued @ $275.00
  • 5th: Pflueger 8′ 6″ 6/7wt Fly Rod valued @ $225

Protecting the boat launch

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Last year around this time, some members and non-members were launching large boats and, believe it or not, even a houseboat, next to our pier! As you can imagine, this caused irreparable damage to the riparian area. 
This has to become a HAND LAUNCH BOAT SITE ONLY.
The trout club executive has, therefore, decided to install a barricade to prevent people from driving down to the water’s edge, launching heavy boats, and adding to the damage. 
Thanks to long-time member Larry Campbell for his efforts in designing, building, and installing the barricade.