Feb 2021 FlyCaster

Attention all Trout club members

Call for volunteers:

Our club is 100% run by volunteers and continues through the support of members. With some board members completing their term we again have the opportunity for anyone interested in joining the team. The time commitment is low with our club executive meeting on average about once a month. You will be able to participate in shaping both operational and governance support with fellow executive members. For your service to our club members you wil recieve an honorarium of having your membership to both the ETFC and the AFGA paid as well as having fun. If you are thinking about this but have questions, to put your name forward or to recommend someone you feel may be interested please reach out to Ron Storrier at fisher.man@tic.ab.ca

Please mark you calendar for March 2, 7:00pm. TODD ZIMMERLING – Alberta Conservation Association – Topic: Update on ACA Programs for 2021 and beyond. Should be a very informative presentation.

Edmonton Trout Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 979 3437 3137
Passcode: 579528

Muir Lake Update

Here is a Muir Lake Project Update Northern Lights Chapter of TUC has submitted a grant application to ACA to replace the 8 Education Signs at Muir Lake originally erected by FESA in 2002 as part of ETFC’s 50th Anniversary. The project also includes plans to make digital copies of the sign information freely available to any interested individual or organization including Outdoor Ed and Science teachers. ETFC is a Project Partner and is contributing $800 of the original $4000 it had set aside for Muir Lake signage. Anyone interested in providing input to the sign information, especially regarding angling techniques, or otherwise helping with the work is invited to contact Northern Lights at nlft.tu@gmail.com Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club and Phil Rowley Fly Angling are also partners with Northern Lights on this project The project’s objective and activities are:

To increase knowledge of and appreciation for the natural food items available to trout in Alberta’s stocked ponds and of proven angling techniques for imitating the characteristics and behaviour of each food item for greater angling enjoyment and success


  • Create text, diagrams, and photographs describing the appearance, life-cycle, characteristics and behaviour of Chironomids, Damsel and Dragonflies, Leeches, Caddis, Scuds, Small Fish, Backswimmers and Water Boatmen, and Mayflies in conjunction with an aquatic insect taxonomist, an entomologist, a professional biologist, and an educational reading specialist.
  • Document and illustrate fly and spin fishing tactics to imitate the appearance and behaviour of each life form based on literature review and input from experienced fly and spin fishers.
  • Create professionally designed graphics and media for each display to be made freely available to individuals, organizations, and Outdoor Education and Science teachers.
  • Contract construction and installation of the displays to replace similar but damaged and unreadable signage at Muir Lake Education Centre.

2021 meetings

The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club will be using Zoom software for online meetings instead of hosting live meetings for the spring sessions of 2021. A decision will be made at a future date about plans for live meetings in the fall of 2021 and beyond.

Meetings will be held at 7:00 pm (mountain) on the first Tuesday of the month beginning on January 5, 2021. We will have the usual business meeting for the first 30 minutes, followed by a virtual presentation by a guest speaker who will talk to us on a variety of topics of interest to all membership. Please join us on the FIRST Tuesday of the month beginning in January


Meeting ID: 923 4472 6850
Passcode: 490034

By Phone(587) 328-1099
By ComputerClick this link to start the meeting
Any Zoom clientClick the “Join a meeting button” and enter our MEETING ID # 923 4472 6850  and PASSWORD490034

Zoom works on a desktop computer or laptop that has a microphone and speakers. Apple phones and iPads, Android phones and tablets. It is best to install the “FREE” Zoom Cloud Meeting App, or software. You don’t need to sign up or even supply email address to join the meetings.


  • Close other Apps that are running on your device
  • For mobile devices, move closer to your Wifi Router
  • Try a different camera or microphone


  • Keep your microphone muted unless you are speaking. The meeting moderator may mute all microphones if there is too much noise.
  • Turn on your Video so others can see you and create the virtual face to face experience.
  • There is a Gallery Button, so you can see everyone in the meeting at the same time, toggle the button to see just the person who is currently speaking.

JANUARY 5th – RUBEN BREITKREUTZ – Manufacturers Representative – FARBANK (Sage/Redington/Rio Products   Topic: What’s new in flyfishing
FEBRUARY 2nd – CRAIG COPELAND – Cold Lake Fish Hatchery   Topic: Update on trout stocking program
MARCH 2th – TODD ZIMMERLING – Alberta Conservation Association – Topic: Update on ACA Programs for 2021 and beyond
MARCH 16th    – MARCEL MACULLO – Fisheries Biologist – Topic: Update on Dolberg, Chain and Salters
APRIL 6th – PHIL ROWLEY –  Topic: “Season Opener”
APRIL 20th  – KENTON NEUFELD – Fisheries Biologist – Rocky Mtn House – Topic: Native Trout Recovery in the ES2