About ETFC

Established in 1953,  The Edmonton Trout Fishing Club is the oldest trout fishing club in Alberta.

The objective of the club is to promote the art of fly tying, fly-casting and the betterment of trout fishing among its members, and all other activities of a similar nature which may be deemed desirable for the benefit of its members. The club has a property at Spring Lake, which is available to members for camping and fishing.

Club membership is open and we actively encourage anyone interested to join whether they are experienced fly fishers or have never fished before.

Meetings occur twice a month from January to May, with a Spring BBQ in June.  We pause for the fishing season and hold two meetings in the fall. One each in October and November followed by the Xmas Brunch to cap off the year.

The club meets at Queen Mary Park Community League at 7pm.  The hall is located at 10844 117 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB.

Please contact us at info@edmontontrout.ca